A really GREAT day for a quick, amazing haul!

Well, long time no see…eh?

Thought people might be interested in this, so here you go!

It’s by no means a large haul like some days…but it’s a great one…and I’ll itemize and tell you why.

First of all…today was not a day I planned to do any coupon runs really.  I woke up with a killer headache and thought for sure I’d be lounging all day with the pup.  Lo and behold…wouldn’t you know that OF COURSE I look to my prescription and I’m out.  It’s for a medicine I take daily, so I really can’t go without.  Thankfully, I live within a milisecond radius of probably any store you could think of, so if I want to hit more than one store while out, it’s like I didn’t even spend extra time or gas.

So…all within literal walking distance of our place, were Jewel, CVS, and Dominick’s.  They all have deals going on where if you fill a prescription at their pharmacy you can get $25 either in the form of a coupon or a gift card.  Jewel’s deal is the best because it doesn’t have limitations like CVS, and their prices are better.  Dominick’s is a coupon for $25 but it has to be on a $50 purchase.  No thanks.  So…off to Jewel to drop off my script.  I got a few things, and then realized that rather than waiting around, I could run to the other stores and come back for it at the end.  (Remember…this isn’t really out of the way because I’m lucky enough to live by all of them.)

So…I’ll give you a quick breakdown of what I got, where, and how much the day “cost” me.  Or will I be saying…MADE me money??

Read through to find out!


8 bottles Herbal Essences  (On Sale for 2.99 down from 3.99)

2 Aussie stylers (On Sale for 2.99 down from 4.99)

8 CoverGirl Eye Shadows (3.99, buy one get one 50% off)

Total before coupons:  53.82 + tax (4.44) = 58.26

I used:

(4) Buy One Get One Free Herbal Essences up to $6.99 coupons (9/16 SS)

(1) $1/2 Aussie Products (10/21 RP)

(4) $3/2 Covergirl Products (9/30 P&G)

(1) $10 off $50 purchase at CVS coupon from email

Total after coupons: 2.86 + tax (original 4.44) = $7.30

But wait…it’s way better than that.  CVS has a deal this week that if you buy $30 worth of P&G products (before coupons), they’ll give you $10 back in Extra Care Bucks (money to spend at CVS).  So yes.  I spent 7.30 and got $10 back.  I made $2.70 for all 18 products.

BUT WAIT! It’s better than THAT!!! How, you might ask!? Because the P&G deal at CVS double dipped with a Mail in Rebate directly from P&G! Spend $50 in P&G products, and they’ll write you a check for $15!  All it takes is me sending them my receipt and address.  And yes…the rebate is for PRE-coupon pricing.  So, I spent the necessary $50…so not only did I make 2.70 right away, but I’ll make another $15 right from the manufacturer!! What a great deal.  I have 18 products now that not only were they all completely free…I got paid to shop to the tune of $17.70!! (And this honestly took me all of 10 minutes at the store.)

On to Dominick’s.  This was just a quick trip in and out for some things I knew I needed to get and had coupons for.


2 bags of Mission tortilla chips (On sale for 2.49 each)

5 McCormick Recipe Inspirations (On sale for .99 each)

1 McCormick Sea Salt Grinder (Kevin’s fave…on sale for 1.99)

3 McCormick Seasoning packets (On sale for 1.49 and B2GO free)

1 container garlic hummus (On clearance for 1.49 from 3.75…and it’s my treat!)

1 package ChiChi’s tortillas (2.59)

1 bag Fresh Express Spinach (On sale for 1.00)

Total before coupons:  19.98

I used:

(2) $1.50/1 Mission chips store coupon (dominicks.com JFU)

(3) $3/3 McCormick product coupons ( 10/7 or 10/14 RP)

(1) Get One Free ChiChi’s up to 2.99 coupon (dominicks.com JFU)

(1) .55/1 Fresh Express coupon (peelie)

Total after coupons: 4.84 + tax (0.87) = 5.71

So….so far, I’m doing pretty good.  If I want, I can subtract that 5.71 I spent from the money I made at CVS…but we’ll wait….

Now, onto Jewel.  Oh, jewel.  The store with the really nice pharmacist who paged me as Kah-tay instead of Kate.  Don’t ask me how….but he was really nice!  Anyway.  I’m lucky in that I have good medical insurance that covers almost any prescription I could need filled.  I guess that’s the beauty in being covered by more than one insurance.  Anywho….


5 Chocolate Powerbars (1.00 each….Kevin lives on these, yuck.)

2 packages of vanilla pudding mix (Clearanced for .34…use it in baking)

2 half gallons of Silk Almond Milk (On sale for 3.00 from 3.49)

2 2lb bags of Fuji apples (On sale for 2.99 and BOGO free! I will be making pie..)

1 Prescription fill (was free because insurance covered it.)

Total before coupons: 14.67 + tax (.26) = 14.93

I used:

(2) $2/1 Silk Product coupons (online, no longer available)

(1) Fill a prescription, get a $25 Gift Card free coupon (Available at Pharmacy counter)

Total after coupons: 10.93….but wait….they gave me $25 towards that! So…that’s right.  I don’t pay! I’m actually UP money by $14.07!!!

WHAT WHATTTTT.  It was a great day…can you tell!?? And while I was there, I spotted puppy food on clearance that I will be going back for with a coupon.

Let’s total this up… I went to 3 stores that were within walking distance, got a prescription, and $93.17 worth of products including food AND supplies.  It took me less than an hour, and the same amount of gas it would have taken just to get the prescription, and after all coupons and savings…it’s not enough that it was free.  Today netted us $26.06 AND all the products for free!! What a day!!!

This, folks, is why we coupon.

I’ll also be going back to CVS because they were out of some products that are going to be free or money-makers this week.  I may even hit up the CVS by work, too.  I’ll be grabbing nail clippers by Revlon and Aveeno lotion for free this week there! YAY for deals.  Who would ever pay full price?

I’ll enclose a picture of my haul.  I hope you enjoy!



Well, Hello to the World!

…am I really going to do this?  Who knows…it wouldn’t be the first thing I tried that didn’t work out…but then again, I’d like to hope I can forge my way into a fun new activity.

I have a job.  I like the job…the people are nice, when I leave work, I’m generally in the clear until I arrive back, and the pay is reasonable.  But if I closed my eyes and had to envision my one true passion; the thing I saw as my calling in life–I’d have to say it goes more along the lines of being a domestic goddess.  I love to clean our home.  I look forward to making a good meal every night and packing our lunches in the morning.  I go nuts with coupons.  Put a spatula in my hand and I’ll bake ’til I run out of flour.  If my fiance allowed me to, I might even have stocked up on baby clothes…but in the notion to not seem TOTALLY crazy, we’ve decided I should probably wait on that one.

But, really, I can’t wait to be a mom.  I can’t wait to be a wife.  (not in that order…but you get the picture.)  I, and thankfully my darling fiance, see a real value in homemaking.  It’s a shame that more women (and men, for that matter) scoff at the idea of putting meals on the table for their loved ones, or enjoying the simplicity in hanging clothes out on the line to dry.

Did you know that on average, the American family spends more than $3,000 on food away from home per year?  This includes fast food, eating out, vending machines, etc.  Now, I’m the first to admit that now again I love a McNugget or CrunchWrap, but really guys!???  $3000?!!! Do you have any idea how much food you could make for that amount? Or better yet–what you could do with that money by making food that amounts to LESS than that amount?  Especially with food prices on the rise, and people being busier than ever, I get that it just doesn’t seem plausible for many to find time to cook, or learn to cook for that matter.  Enter the internet.  Enter YouTube.  Enter older relatives (or anyone from a time where everyday cooking wasn’t unheard of).  There are millions of resources to not only teach you to cook, but how to save time and $$MONEY$$ while doing it!

One of my favorite kitchen appliances (other than my beloved coffee pot) is my Crockpot.  There is just something indescribable about tossing a few ingredients into a pot, plugging it in, and coming home 8 hours later to a warm, tender, DELICIOUS meal waiting for you!  Sometimes I almost feel like I’m cheating it’s so easy…but sooooo worth it.

I’m also a HUGE fan of Freezer meals!  While I don’t quite subscribe to OAMC (once a month cooking), I do thoroughly enjoy making meals ahead of time, and DEFINITELY thank myself on days when life gets crazy and you’re starving and your significant other is looking at you with hunger on his mind and you forgot to defrost the chicken.

Kevin works at least one day each weekend, and I work M-F only.  That leaves us with a little bit of a schedule bummer, but in reality, gives me a full day of hopefully uninterrupted bliss.  Doing what I do best.  Laundry-check.  Dishes-check.  Vacuuming-check.  Clean bathrooms-check.  Scrub floors-check.  Pick up dirty socks all over the place from Mr. Kevin’s lazy feet-double check.  Make our bread for the week (more on this later)-check.  And also–cook our meals!!  Not just for Saturday and Sunday–but if I’m lucky, squeeze out another few for the freezer or fridge for the coming week(s).  If nothing else, it’s amazing how much time you can save by prepping meals all at once.  I can chop veggies for several meals all at once in much less time than it would take me to chop individually per meal.  My frugality itches here too–it’s amazing the amount of money you can save.  I won’t even launch into the whole coupon thing yet- but buying in bulk or with the sale rotations can save $$$$$$amounts you never thought possible.

God has blessed me with a roof over my head, a man to share my life with and to serve, a job where I’m appreciated, skills to share, and love and health in myself.  You better believe I will thank Him every day by being the woman He created me to be!

I hope that I can fill you in on a whole lot more in the coming days and weeks.  I’m not crazy (at least from a clinical standpoint…)and I have a lot of passions not yet discussed.  But I hope that you’ll bear with me as I document life as it happens- and appreciate what I can share!

Until the next cup is poured,