I feel like I just robbed Kohls!!!

Kohls has select small kitchen appliances on early bird special for $19.99 each (down from 39.99). If you spend $50, you get $15 in Kohls Cash. If you spend $50, you get free shipping. Each of these appliances have a $10 rebate available on them. Pick 3–your total will be 59.97….add promo code BLACKFRI to save 15%! Total is now $50.97….free shipping. You’ll get $15 back in kohls cash, and $30 in rebates, for a grand total of $5.97 for 3 brand name appliances!!!! I did this deal twice, using 2 addresses (for the rebates). So for less than $15, I got 6 kitchen appliances to give to people and myself!!!!! Wow kohls- if we weren’t friends before- we are now!!!