Triple Coupons at Schnucks!

Yay!! This week Schnucks has been having another Triple Coupon EVENT!!! 🙂  For those of you wondering what I mean, Schnucks will literally TRIPLE the value of your coupon! This only counts for coupons valued at .55 or under, but this is still a terrific time to stock up on some sale items with your low-value coupons!  Their policy states that they will triple a total of 20 coupons per transaction, all others will be redeemed at face value.  There is also a limit of 3 like coupons per transaction, so if you’re looking to get multiples, you may need to split your order.


Now, Schnucks is normally a little too expensive for me and my coupons, but when deals like this pop up– it can lead to some significant savings!


I like to be able to stock up on a few things and get a lot of it during sales events like this…because let’s face it…it isn’t every day that a .50 coupon can take $1.50 off your order! HECK YEA!


The deals that I’m looking to get:

Dawn dish soap



McCormick spices

Cereal bars


OK- so, the Dawn Dish soap can either be done this week or you can wait until the event is over, because they DOUBLE coupons every day, which is all that needs to happen for this deal.  Get your scissors ready!

Dawn dish soap is on sale 10/$10.  Look in the 10/28 P&G Insert for $0.50 off any Dawn.  This will DOUBLE/TRIPLE up to the value of the item…making all your dish soap free!  This is DEFINITELY something to stock up on because A) it doesn’t go bad  B) who DOESN’T need it? and C) there are like 103458038430294 uses for dish soap.  Maybe I should make a post on that, too….


Quaker has a new product they are selling called Real Medleys.  These are individual size cups of instant oatmeal that have fruit, nuts, etc in the mix.  Convenient, filling, fairly healthy, and of course…overpriced.  I eat oatmeal every single day at work. I kid you not- I’m an oatmeal junkie.  But–being the money saving princess that I am, I absolutely refuse to waste money on convenience foods when by taking oh, I don’t know, 3 extra seconds, I can make my own for a fraction of the cost.  I just have a big container of quick-oats that I heat and add my own fruit and brown sugar or whatever into it once it’s heated.  (spoiler: this is the SAME THING as instant…but without added preservatives, sugar, etc…)  That one large container can make me a months worth of oatmeal for less than half the cost of 10 individual packets.  Are you getting my point here?? 😛

Anyway, moving on…the idea of the individual cups of oatmeal with more fruit and nuts in them is enticing.  They’ve up the nutritional content and made it very quick to eat on the go.  Because it’s a new product– out they come with a coupon. 0.50 off 1.  Alright, okay…yeah..I can try it now for maybe only a buck or so with that.  But I will gamble away a buck before I spend an entire dollar on 1 small bowl of oatmeal.  That makes me sound cheap, but come on, seriously?  Enter Schnucks and their wonderful triple coupons…

Quaker Real Medleys (in all kinds of convenient, yummy flavors) : On sale 2/$3 ($1.50)

Use $0.50/1 coupon from 11/4 SS or RP…it triples…..= – $1.50

Each oatmeal cup will be free! YAY for free, good-for-you, quick and easy food!!!

You better believe that I’m using ALL of my coupons to stock up on this.  And I have somewhere around 40.  You may think that’s crazy, but it is something that both Kev and I eat all the time, and now if he wants to throw a cup in his bag, it’ll be good to go! I’m quite excited for this.  If you’re wondering how I got so many coupons, I suppose I could make an entire post or SERIES about that, but I will tell you there are many outlets…ranging from buying extra papers, receiving inserts from friends, ordering from coupon clipping services, and yes…grabbing them from the ‘dumpster’. Now, before you go screaming “GROSS!!!”, I’ll assure you….they are clean, I stay clean, and there is NOTHING wrong with them.  We have a separate paper-only recycling dumpster…how dirty can that possibly be.  I just benefit from other people who don’t care to save the coupons. 🙂


Nesquick chocolate powder is also on sale $10/10 for packets of it, and there is a .40 or .50 coupon out, making the Nesquick free.  We don’t drink it, so I probably won’t get any unless I donate it, but if you’re interested, that would be a great deal.  Its got a lot of vitamins in it, so if you like it, go for it!


I’ll keep scouring the ad to see what else I think is noteworthy, and I hope to start actually posting Schnucks weekly deals here, so please like and follow me if you’re wanting to see those! I can help you save some pennies and you can boost my blog! Win-win. 


Let me know if you have any comments, and please let me know what other stores you’d like to see me post match-ups for on here.  I want to get that going ASAP.


My java is calling my name, and so is my paperwork….